Services by Green Gene





Green Gene can be hired to peruse your garden and with your needs in mind recommend the best ways to approach the various tasks systematically and effectively. Priorities and considerations are discussed. Landscape usages as well as plants and their needs will be identified. If there are questions that Gene is unable to immediately answer he will do needed research and provide the answers with no extra charge.

Green Gene’s preferred landscaping and gardening style is eco-friendly including drought tolerant xeriscaping,  edible, low maintenance, native, wildlife attracting (especially birds and butterflies). naturalistic.

In most cases there is an initial charge of 125 dollars for up to the first hour with an additional 35 an hour for succeeding hours. If desired, a sketch can be procured for an additional charge.




Green Gene is not a certified architect and his sketches are not perfectly polished, but they also do not cost nearly as much as they do from an architects office. Yet for homeowner or association  use they are usually acceptable. Besides the clients wishes, Gene’s favorite styles of design include ecological considerations which generally speaking create lower maintenance and/or greater production. Production includes food for people and wildlife as well as beauty and usability.




Gene has been hired as a guest speaker at several garden clubs.  The normal fee is 125 dollars for the entire event. Topics of discussion  include a general introduction of personal experience, views of favorite personal garden slides, a reading of garden rhyming poetry  including a personal manifesto, important overlooked gardening methods and a question and answer session.




Gene has taught and can teach again such classes and sessions as  “Survival With Plants”, The Art and Joy of Gardening”, “Flora and Fauna” hikes, beekeeping and more. He has taught K-4,  high-school and adults. Teaching gardening to the disenfranchised would be therapeutic and help alleviate cultural ills and thus is an idea that may be pursued.


Seasonal Care


Green Gene may be hired to seasonally prune, mulch, feed, weed, seed, clean, plant and to do many other chores as needed or desired, but it is often against ecological principles to require weekly routine maintenance that limits bio-diversity while keeping the garden in straight lines. Lawns are useful for playing,  picnicking, sitting  or walking on, but “Green Gene” does not keep a power mower or wish to be scheduled to mow a lawn on a regular basis.  Maintenance visits are generally  preferred to be at least a half days work for one or more persons and may be included while improvements are being made.




Improvement may be billed hourly, accomplished within a budget or quote. Landscaping has been mostly in Laguna Beach as well as in Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills, Corona Del Mar, Newport, Huntington Beach, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Mission Viejo,  Coto De Caza, Trabuco, Irvine, Tustin, Fullerton, Brea,  even Hawaii and elsewhere.


Beekeeping/Pest Control


Bees may be removed or established in a conventional hive box. Rodent, other animal and insect problems can be discussed and dealt with safely and humanely.




Home, garden and animal sitting for short and long term will be considered.