Green Gene’s Seed:  2 sons – Jordan born 1978, Valedictorian Laguna Beach H.S, graduate student at U.C. Davis; Dakota born 1983, highly gifted and awarded student at L.B.H.S., double honors at U.C.S.C.

Education: All A’s in many related college courses from 3 different colleges; (kept blowing the grade curves and had to get out, answered many college teachers questions); Largely self taught since before being nature instructor in the Boy Scouts.

Teaching: “Flora and Fauna” sessions 2 years at K-4 alternative school in Laguna Beach; “Survival With Plants” at C.A.V.E. Creative Alternative Vocational Exploration, L.B.H.S.; “The Art and Joy of Gardening” 2 years at Saddleback Jr. College extension service; and 2 years at Laguna Beach City Recreation Department; taught beekeeping and composting on “Sprout Acres” tours; “Gardening” to Anneliesa’s private elementary and preschool students; and guest speaker at Orange Coast College.

Work Experience:  Self-employed as “Green Gene” landscaper and gardener in Laguna Beach and Orange County Ca. since mid 70′s including clean ups, improvements, and consultations.. Beekeeping or removal services. A few years total at Green Thumb Nursery, Happy Plants Nursery, and Skip Davis Landscaping.

Past Memberships: California Native Plant Society, Orange County Rare Fruit Growers Association, Orange County Beekeepers Association, Crystal Cove Interpretive Association, Audubon Society, The Nature Conservancy, Laguna Beach “Energy and Environment Committee” Laguna’s Transition’s food group. and more.