Other Writings

By “Green” Gene Sottosanto

“Ecological Economics For Every1″(52 page booklet 1977); “The Sensual Romantic Garden” (over 5,000 words); “Living Artwork” 4 pages and 40 slides sold to Mother Earth News 1988; “A Tribute For Nimzy” (For the local paper about the goat that traveled in back of my truck).Other garden articles sold include “Give thanks by giving back” “Bible trees for Orange County” “Weeds” “Children in the garden” “Animals in the garden” “Succulents are wonderful” “Tropical fruits for Orange county” “Succeed with seed” “Lush poolside planting” “Lower maintenance for an improved garden” “A strawberry Valentines” “Holiday decor” “Join a garden club” “Details in the garden” “Tips from apartment dwellers” ” Herbs….fast, easy, convenient” “Hortense Millers life from the garden” “Quick,easy water features” “Fight a biological war in your garden”” Raise worms with kitchen waste” “Beat the heat” “Make your own mini landscape” “Soak up some knowledge” (using the hose as a tool) “We are a season ahead” “neglected notables” “More and better for less” “Tending To An Edible Garden” Butterfly Sanctuary: A Garden Metamorphosis Worth Nurturing” Gardens Take The Cure:” Safe exercise in the garden” and more.